Exhibitions & Conference Security


There is nothing more frustrating when visiting an Exhibition or Conference at a unfamiliar venue, than approaching a Security Officer to enquire where a particular stand is located or for general directions, and he / she looks at you with a blank expression because -:

They are not familiar with location or venue that they are working at


They  couldn’t be bothered to find out


They are just plain ignorant as to their job description


They are not familiar with the phrase “ Customer Care


They do not understand the word or expression "Service"

(a word that probably appears in the title of the company that employs them)

Service means Service

When our company is contracted to work at Exhibitions and Conferences, all of our staff are briefed not only in statutory health and safety i.e. location of fire exits, evacuation procedures etc, but great emphasis is placed on the following :- 

An insight and background as to what the Exhibition or Conference is about, giving our staff a basic working knowledge when interacting with the public, exhibitors and delegates.

A detailed floor plan of the Exhibition or Conference, Access Points & Fire Exits and Amenities.

A list of all Exhibitors, (or Delegates) their names and unit shell numbers.

What the Client (the Organiser) expects of our company.

Recognition of the key members in the Organisers / Clients team and VIP's

Our Staff are thoroughly briefed prior to our deployment commencing

A smart, well mannered, informative and expedient Security Officer can make all the difference when interacting with the Exhibition/Conference Organiser, their exhibitors and above all the public and delegates attending the Exhibition or Conference

Regardless of the geographical location can provide suitably trained, well presented, polite and diplomatic staff for your Exhibition or Conference as-:

·       Guest List/ Registration Monitors ·   Reception Greeters ·  Traffic Supervisory Staff

·      Overnight Security Officers   ·  Valet Parkers  ·   Vehicle Guards ·   Cloakroom Attendants

·   Shuttle Drivers         ·   Security Consultants & Advisors

Try Our Services And Really Notice The Difference

All Clients are assured of a first class, professional expedient service with the emphasis being placed on providing a good working relationship with not only the Client management team but with the members of the public, guests and VIP’s who attend Events, Parties & Functions where we are employed.

If you require a professional, reliable & fully confidential security service to look after your security

 requirements from a company who only employ fully trained, presentable, communicative staff with the emphasis on Customer Care & Client Satisfaction then contact British Show Guards on  -:

e-mail:  info@showguards.com

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